Sasha Brusin


Raphael Savastano

Musician and guitarist for Outgrowth


Lollar Guitar Pickups

Jason Lollars’ pickups for Guitar, Bass and Steel Guitar

Curt Mangan Strings

The highest quality strings available for your electric, acoustic, mandolin or steel guitar

Bill Lawrence

Musician, Designer, Craftsman. Wilde Pickups

VanZant Pickups

Guitar Pickups

Wolfetone Pickups

Guitar Pickups

TV Jones

Guitar Pickups


Electric guitar tremolo

Vintage Vibe

Electric Guitar pickups

The Guitar Wall

Custom Guitars

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Gear Discussion for Musicians

Steel Guitar Forum

A discussion site for pedal steel, lap steel, and related musical instruments


Custom made steel guitar stands

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Worlds finest vintage guitars

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Classic guitars built today


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Michael Di Lalla

Musician and guitarist for Keygrip


New York based band


American English
Americas Premiere Tribute to the Beatleshttp://www.americanenglishbeatles.comLinks_files/AmerEng.pxmshapeimage_7_link_0


Via Tania


pictured with a RAM custom electric ukulele


Chicago-based Rock bandhttp://www.outgrowthmusic.comfile://localhost/OUTGLongLogo.pxmshapeimage_11_link_0

Adrian Gonzales
Musician and guitarist for 
Brown Sneakers		
Texas based Multi-Genre band

Chicago School of ViolinMaking


A worldwide organization promoting traditional Hawaiian music and the signature sound of Hawaiian steel guitar



Marcus Webb

Musician, Composer, Music Instructor


Paul Sanchez


L inks

Steve Podgorski
Guitarist for September Mourning, Colors from a Canon

Gary Goldsmith

Steel Guitarist with Big Pineapple and Jimmy Parrish and the Waves

Nate Hofer
Steel Guitarist