Here is what our customers and reviewers have to say about us!

“Wow!!! It looks fantastic!!! Plugged it in this morning and realized how much I missed my single coils. Knobs feel great, chunkier sound, and love the paint. You did a great job!!

Thanks for everything Ron!!”

"These one-of-a-kind beauties are custom built by luthier Ron Mielzynski"

"RAM Custom Guitars in Chicago. Get some awesome vintage tones out of this beauty, and "it plays like a guitar twice the price".

"This beautiful NEO-T plays like butter with vintage pickups and neck". 

"This guitar is super lightweight and has a beautiful full sound while maintaining that bright twang when playing the lead pickup".

“Just wanted to thank you immensely, and to tell you how much I love the Tele! It looks, plays, and sounds phenomenal!  I've played it through the Egnater MOD50 and a couple of different cabinets today (an Earcandy 2x12, and an older Egnater oversize 4x10), and every pickup combination is clear and musical. The neck is absolutely perfect!  I stayed up until 2 am and I can't wait to play it live tomorrow!”

“I frickin Love the guitar. It sounds great through my rig. The tones are hugely diverse, the presence is amazing. Fantastic Sustain, playability is great, it's smooth and super clean. Very easy to play. And I adjusted no tones on my amp. It just fit right in. The combination has immediately had a positive effect on my sound and playing”


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